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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

44 degrees C!

No wonder I feel crap. 44 degrees C is EVIL and with less than 10 % humidity no wonder we are all are chomping at the bit to get out of here.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Google Superstar

Al Ain Taxi is now listed on the 2nd page of Google when you do a search on Al Ain.

It's just below 'Al Ain Mall' which is great news because potential visitors and residents to Al Ain will stumble easily upon this site. But oh, the responsibility!


Pretty Pixie RIP

If you look to your right you'll see that I've replaced that naughty little Weather Pixie with a much more culturally compatible Weather Underground report.

For a start, she didn't look anything like me, far too skinny and by the middle of the afternoon she was practically naked.

Yes, I feel like going shopping in my bikini when it's this hot, but come on dear, you're in Al Ain!

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Where are you Lal?

As a vegetarian (with the occasional fish and chips binge), there's nothing I like more than eating out at a southern indian veggie restaurant. I know that I can eat pretty much everything on the menu and I can spend more than thirty seconds making my choice. While I'm on this topic, yah boo sucks to Chili's whose non carne offerings amount to, well, er, a caesar salad. Have they heard of veggie chilli? I cook a mean veggie chilli and will share the recipe with them for a price...

Yesterday I was up in Dubai and there's a number of veggie restaurants I love, the mainstay being the Saravana Bhavan in Bur Dubai. However, as I was in a celebratory mood I wanted to go somewhere a little more upmarket. I eat quite a lot of indian food at home and have a plethora of pickles and chutneys to go with it. One of my favourites is 'Mohanlal's Lime Pickle'.

For those who do not know, Mohanlal is a movie superstar in Kerala. Eating his pickles prompted me to find out more about the guy on the internet that then prompting me into buying one of his VCDs which was in Malayalam with no subtitles. Me and hubby spent the entire movie trying to spot him as so many of the male actors all look the same. My googling also pulled up a gem: the man has his own restaurant in Karama, Dubai. Me and hub decide we should go there next time we're in Dubai and yesterday I called 181 to get the restaurant's exact location while screaming down SZR (I wasn't driving). I tried the number and got one of those number not available noises. Oh no, don't tell me that the place has gone the way of many eateries in Dubai?

So, we ended up in the Saravana Bhavan again. Does anyone know what's happend to Mohanlals? We want to enjoy our puris under a fiberglass banyan tree!

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Eat Petrol!

"AC mushkilla, eat petrol"

Were the words of my Al Ain taxi driver yesterday when I requested he turned up the AC which was spitting out air on the 1 setting. Or I could've come and sat in the front passenger seat :-/

Relunctantly he turned it up to 2.

The rise in petrol prices means that Al Ain cabbies are finding ways of keeping fuel costs down and turning off the AC is one of them...