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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Suicide is painless?

In the UAE you can't even try and kill yourself without the risk of punishment from the authorities. It wasn't as if this man was trying to harm anyone else. This is a prime example of how mental health is misunderstood in this part of the world. If he was so low as to attempt to kill himself then do you think a suspended jail sentence is going to make him feel any better?

Maybe the best course of action is to offer the man some counselling. The article says the he tried to end his life because he was suffering from "psychological problems and pressure at work". I know first hand that there are no grievance procedures in many of the universities here, professors are hired as teaching machines and can easily fall foul of student bribery and wasta tricks as well as politicking and backstabbing. Most professors just get the hell out here when it gets too much and hopefully onto a better job if their career hasn't been damaged too much.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is really strange. Where has compassion gone? I mean, what in the world are people thinking; giving him a jail term!? He needs therapy and some counseling. My heart goes out to this man. I really hope that he meets some kind souls in the jail and is positively affected [I don't see how, but one can hope, right?]. I also hope that they are monitoring him carefully so that we don't next hear that he has 'misused' his bed sheets in the jail cell [God forbid]. May God guide his soul and give him comfort, especially where and when he hasn't received it from God's creation.

7/06/2007 06:31:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in the Middle East, yes trying to kill urself is not accepted at all. Maybe its not the answer to jail a suicidal person but think from the positive side of things, he has support in jail, doctors and nurses can tend to his medical needs, shrinks and mental health professionals do exist in the jails, he will be feed and clothes, plus there are many programmes for prisoners. from religious to sports & social.
Having heard of a woman who went to jail a couple of years back in uae, she walked out with her child in her arms and with an education she couldnt have afforded in her home land of philipines.
Id rather be placed in a jail than sit at home with a mental health issue where no one can have accdess to help me recover.
We are not living in barbaric times anymore, jails have facilities world wide. 3 square meals a day is out of the question for some of the most poverished lands in this world, 3 meals a day in safe enviroment i think would be accepted by many.
May cure be given to this man, may his days be filled with blessings and happiness and his sorrows removed from his heart.Ameen

11/05/2007 01:29:00 pm  
Anonymous dubai property said...

Nice information shared and you have very rightly said that attempted suicide is something which needs to get treated instead of being punished. I think that a better way could be to have some sympathies and provoking a HOPE in it and cover the causes which had lead him to such an extreme situation.

8/11/2010 09:44:00 am  

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