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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Al Ain: The one about the tourists..

The latest issue of Al Ain Times announces that 'Al Ain emerges as popular destination for Eid holidays'. Of course, the hotels are making the most of this by charging more than double normal room rates similar to what you'd pay in Dubai most of the year. They must be rubbing their hands with glee.

So Al Ain is a tourist destination. I can just imagine one of the UK's holiday shows covering it. Where would they start? Ok, how about seeing the 'real Arabia'? Did you go to Dubai and not see any Arabs? Well, come to Al Ain and you'll get to see the Arabs you're yearning for.

I think a good presenters for this particular episode would be Torvill and Dean, the famous british skating duo. They could arrive at Al Ain Mall and do a report on the Ice Rink. Pretending to the rink staff that they've never skated before they could hobble onto the ice, clinging on to one of those metal zimmer frames and wobble around a bit. Suddenly, on the first beat of some Arabic pop, Jane could launch herself into a triple axel while the camera crew film the crowds reaction. That would make good TV.

According to the Al Ain Times, it appears that people are coming to Al Ain for it's beauty and to get away from the hussle and bussle of city life. Going in the other direction are Al Ain residents heading to the coast for some decent shopping and some beachlife.
As I've said before, what we really need in Al Ain are some decent shops. I've got nothing against the shops we all ready have but its a choice issue here. Why is it that our only big supermarket here is Carrefour? Yes, I know we have Megamart but it's hardly 'mega'. We had Spinneys up until 2003/4 which, although a little expensive, stocked some decent lines. Anyone who goes to the malls in the evenings will know there is no shortage of people willing to say masalama to their dirhams. So lets have more choice in what to spend them on!!

As for beachlife, how about Al Ain Beach? We've got the sand, we just need the sea..

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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hi Taxi fans,

Sorry for the delay in posting, the lovely folk at Blogger decided that this blog was a 'spamblog' and blocked me from being able to access my own bloomin' blog. However, they had a good look and realised I wasn't trying to sell anything, no mention of Viagra in it (oops, there is now) so they promptly unblocked it again.

Keefie: I only accessed by taximail today and saw your invite to Dubai. Sorry I missed it, when's the next one?

Lucky from Al Ain Times: my anonymity is the only card left in my hand. I love your glorious newspaper but I can't grant an interview, not yet anyway.

Friends in Al Ain who know who I am: You know who you are, girls! (They won't tell anyone coz they're sworn to secrecy and if anyone else does find out then I'll know who told 'em)

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