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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cool things to do in Al Ain

In response to Jenny Foreigner's dilemma in trying to find cool things to do in Dubai, here's my list of 'cool' things to do in Al Ain which won't break the bank:

1. You need 'wheels' for this one. Bah, I hate cars and it's a struggle for me, as a Londoner, to come to terms with the fact you need one in this part of the world. I'm a bike person, me. Anyway, I digress... CAMPING IN THE HAJARS has to be the coolest thing to do in and around Al Ain. You take the road out of Al Ain, past the Intercon hotel into the mountains. There's a small border post further along there so it's a good idea to have ID although you're not really crossing into Oman at that point. After about twenty minutes on the road, turn off left into the mountains. There are many wadis and oasis' out here that a good camping spots, ask any Al Ain expat to recommend you one. A night under the stars, cooking food on the bonfire and telling stories can't be beaten.

2. Going up Jebel Hafit. The views are great and there's a nice hotel up there now. Have a meal followed by a session in their pool and go on the waterslides.

3. Walking round the Oasis followed by tea in the Oasis Restaurant as the sun sets. It's the most romantic place in Al Ain (not the restaurant, the oasis ;-)

5. Camel riding in the desert. Trips can be arranged from the Hilton.

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Blogger kaya said...

We thought we would bring the inlaws down to see AL AIN FUN PARK over thursday.
We used to love going there with the kids, and hadn't been there for almost 2 years. But was saddened and shocked top see the terrible state of disrepair, the almost haunted quality of the place.
The only consolation was this place we got eat those GIBNEH and LAHAM manakeesh at this place called BARBAR, nxt to Baskins you know where they have Pizza Hut KFC etc.
I had heard AL AIN was investing so much moolah to make it nice. What happened?
OH BTW I cant seem to get to that post on eloctrocuting trolleys.
I thought it was only me, and my LORD! do I have a bad time with it.
Crackle jolt crackle jolt....

2/08/2006 11:24:00 pm  
Blogger Al Ain Taxi said...

Hi Kaya,

I haven't been to Hili Fun City for years and when I went there the place was in a state. I know what you mean about the haunted quality, its like stepping back into the 1970s/1980s I quite like that feel but I guess when you go there expecting somthing quite different then its not too good!

All the money seems to be going into the Green Mubazzarah project. The GM is a park at the bottom of Jebel Hafit complete with pools, springs and barbeque facities. I havent been there for a while either.

2/09/2006 09:10:00 am  
Blogger GMJ said...

Yes, Hili Fun City is in such a dreadful state. And so is the zoo. I was actually on the verge of contacting Animal Rights organization. I went with the motive of creating a proper website for it. I asked for a tour, and they probably didnt suspect any compassion from a local girl. But the place is horrible. I met the vet and saw he operating room which looked like a garage workshop from sena'aya!! The animals are kept in cement blocks if they were to be treated (not air conditioned ofcourse)

to speak it as it is..we need people with skills. the government (or baladeya) needs to know that the Egyptions (with all due respect) that came into the country back in the 70's carry EXPIRED degrees and they are refusing to budge!

grrr I really want to make a change in this city :/

4/19/2006 03:51:00 pm  
Anonymous toto said...

Dear all,

I think it is about time to give you an update on Hili Fun City and the Zoo.
True, both of them were in a terrible state a few years ago but things have evolved since last year and all in a good way.
Al Ain has invested a lot of money in Hili Fun City and it is now a very very nice place especially for the very young children. The rides are very safe and up to the international safety standards and regulations and the park itself is quite pleasant and very clean. I went there about 2 months ago expecting the worse but was really pleasantly suprised.
As for the zoo, I know that a zoo is never a good thing but Al Ain has also invested (and is still) a lot of money on revamping it and re-developping it. A lot of experts from around the world are now working in it in order to make it an international venue.
I really do recommend you to visit these places again and I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised too.

8/17/2010 11:19:00 am  
Blogger Mazin said...

This is a nice list!
Please do your best to extend this list soon because I'm relying on it to hang out and have some fun while I'm here!

8/26/2010 07:59:00 pm  

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