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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Barefoot wanderin' at 2.30 AM

Al Ain is full of taxis. Sometimes you can be waiting for one on the side of the road and three will come hurtling towards you all hoping to be there first. You wince as an accident almost unfolds before your eyes. The 'losers' drive away looking grim while the 'winner' pulls up beside you looking smug.

Not at 2.30 am on a Thursday morning. You're happy to pay double fare if there were any taxis to hail. The road is dead except for the odd Emirati lad driving around in Dad's Beemer(that low bass of the exhaust). You start to walk home, your feet hurt, you remove your shoes and carry on.

A taxi passes. It's full of westerners on their way back from Luce's.

Suddenly the Beemer pulls up beside you. You're another 20 minutes from home but then again this could be Al Ain's very own Jack The Ripper. Ah, sod it. You're not alone and he seems OK.

Three minutes later you're home. A nice ma'salaama and a few shukrans and he drives away.

Fall asleep feeling happy about living in Al Ain as you hear the Beemer drive round the block once more...


Blogger Marcus Aurelius said...


That caused me problems too. They are all snoozing!

2/17/2006 08:13:00 pm  

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