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Monday, December 05, 2005

Al Ainywood

Yes, you read right.

Al Ain is the film-making capital of the UAE if the number of film-makers to 'normal people' ratio is to be believed.

You might find it difficult to get your hands on an organic onion in this fair city but if you want someone to video your event they'll be lining up at your door.

I know of three film projects in the making at the moment and two that have already been made and are ready for 'distribution'. There is even an 'Al Ain Movie' which makes use of all the wonderful landscape we have round here.

One problem. Most of these film-makers have day jobs and are worried about losing them if their bosses get wind of their David Lean aspirations.

You see, thats Al Ain for you. A creative hot pot full of frustrated english teachers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love to find out what part-time film makers out there want to collaborate. I have a Media consultancy/video production operation in Dubai Media City...but I live in Burami and have taken a hiatus from the office to attend Arabic language school...so cameras for hire! (smile)

write: ishada@mac.com

4/21/2006 09:36:00 pm  

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